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Lifestyle Expert Antomius Wise is helping people set up and maintain their high-end lifestyles.

I was a professional athlete in the NFL, obtained an MBA, started an asset protection business that my family operates, and founded a 501(c)(3) that supports domestic violence situations. I have Federal Law Enforcement experience, found a woman willing to be a helpmate and allow me to be great, produced two sons, and assisted many clients in obtaining their ultimate goals. My life is fulfilled. The biggest reward is bringing value to society and creating economic growth. Why do I do this? This is my way of bringing value to society. As a Life Strategist, I volunteer my time, experience, knowledge, guidance, and understanding to Wise Protective Services and More, Inc. (501(c)(3), to raise money for domestic violence victims (mental and physical). My goal is to bring you innovative ways to reach your desired outcomes to obtain solutions.

The Athlete

“The key to being

successful in sports and

in life is realizing you’re

in the moment and

seizing the opportunity.”


Before his mother passed away, Antomius promised her that he’d make it to the NFL one day. He knew it wouldn’t be easy, but he attended four schools to help make the dream happen. He graduated from Lambuth University with a B.S. in Health and Human Services.

He used the concepts from this degree program to get himself an opportunity with NFL’s Washington Commanders (then named the Redskins) as a cornerback in 2006. After the NFL, he spent time playing in the Arena Football League and was in an episode of Pros vs Joes on Spike TV with hosts Michael Strahan and Jay Glazer.

The Entrepreneur

After his days of playing football were over, he transitioned to the next phase of his career. In 2008 he started an asset protection company, Wise Protective Services LLC, to provide solutions and bring value to society.

The next step was researching our Western Civilization and the money system. High on his radar was learning about ways to take advantage of the hundreds of tax credits available to individuals who want to find solutions for the world’s problems and bring value to society.

Understanding the tax code was one of Antomius’ most valuable lessons, as the average high-income earner overpays approximately $30,000 in taxes every year. He is not one of those people! Neither are his clients!

He understands what most entrepreneurs and wealthy people know – those who can add value to society are rewarded through tax breaks by the government.

“Creating wealth starts

with understanding how

you can get your money

back from taxes.”


The Humanitarian

Antomius volunteers his time and resources to raise awareness and monies for the family’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports domestic violence situations.

100% of the proceeds go to WPSM.org. That means it’s all

a tax deduction!!

Shortly after his business was established, Antomius saw a need in the community that went beyond his asset protection company. He believed that it was necessary to support domestic violence victims, prevent youth obesity through sports and education, and mentor children whose parents died from HIV/AIDS.

In 2012, he received his MBA from Keller Graduate School of Management in Public Administration with an emphasis on Non-Profit organizations and founded a 501(c)(3) named Wise Protective Service and More, Inc.: A caring and helping hands organization. As he advanced up the Federal ranks as a Special Agent, WPSM is now managed by the Wise Family.

The Family Man

With guidance from the Highest, Antomius learned what a ruling class king mentality meant, and he implemented it through his solution-based lifestyle. He met his wife, Akilah, in 2013. She had an open mind, saw his vision, and wanted to be an intricate part of his life. Akilah embraced what it meant to be a helpmate, who gave him better opportunities to thrive. As their ideologies aligned, their foundation was built through sacrifice and embracing monotony.

Having children was planned, specifically boys. To increase their chances of success, they used a holistic approach. They were blessed with two sons. As parents, they strive to provide their boys with every opportunity to become great citizens in society by teaching them to understand how to bring value to others and utilize what the Most-High gifted them. The Wise family believes that when a family understands how to create growth and incorporates these principles, it establishes a solid foundation for the legacy to continue here.

“Relationships require

you to demonstrate

the value you can

bring as you assist

the other person in

becoming the best

version of themselves.”


The High-Value Lifestyle Expert

“We all get the same

24 hours every day.

How are you

spending yours?”


Having been a professional athlete and working in the Secret Service, Antomius has been enriched with experiences. He was able to hone his craft as a Lifestyle Expert from all the interesting places he has visited and the people he has met. He understands society from a macrocosmic standpoint and understands the totality of building relationships personally, economically, and socially.

Providing solutions and bringing value to society has always been paramount to Antomius. In 2016 he started his journey as a Lifestyle Expert.

In 2022, he founded Life Strategies 2.0., where he volunteers his time, experience, knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and understanding to WPSM.org, and through his website, courses, and social media channels he continues to bring value, raise funds and spread awareness about domestic violence victims (mental and physical).

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100% of the proceeds go to Wise Protective Service and More, INC. (wpsm.org), a 501(c)(3) that supports domestic violence situations. Federal Tax Identification Number 46-0965134. Any donation is tax-deductible to the full extent allowable under law.

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