For High-Income (W-2) Earners

High Income (W-2) Earners

This page is for those that have high W-2 incomes and are unknowingly relinquishing a lot of their own money in taxes every year. One of the first things you need to understand when wanting to create wealth is how to get your own money back from taxes. It may take a little recalibrating, but when you want to step on good to become great that’s when you are able to excel to a higher level. Understanding how to control your feelings and emotions will help you understand society from a macrocosmic standpoint and create economic growth. Our society rewards those who understand how to bring value. What value are you bringing that our government can reward you for? Let’s figure it out.

For you to take advantage of these tax strategies you must operate a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. 

Setting up a nonprofit

One of the biggest benefits of a 501(c)(3) is the exemption from taxes. This means your organization is exempt from federal taxes. Depending on your state and county laws, sales and property taxes could also be exempt.

Here is a trusted company that I work with that can assist you with 501(c)(3) setup and approval.

Consultations for Nonprofit financial strategy to maximize your taxes

After you receive your IRS Determination letter, we will begin the all-inclusive Nonprofit financial strategy to maximize your taxes.

Course includes:
-How to input the charity portion on Turbo tax.
-How to legally take money out. 
-How to set up bank accounts
-How to apply for cards in the charity name
-How to start establishing business credit for the nonprofit (paydex score)
-How to apply and receive student loan forgiveness 
-How to donate up to 60% of your AGI to your own/operating 501(c)(3).

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